Fulfillment – Helping Small Businesses

It is amazing how much warehousing and fulfillment can cost. It is nearly prohibitive for small vendors. We have the solution. We do not charge any up front, minimum, or storage fees. We only charge the cost of shipping. One of our customers ships about $2500 worth of product each month. She was working out of her house and really just needed to get all of the product out of the house. She looked around for some fulfillment warehouses near bu, but she found that even the least expensive was asking $3000 up front to just start the process. She brought over her product

Now this is just her initial product that she wanted us to have as we iron out the bugs. We suggested that she just have orders emailed to us. She opted to use a site called big commerce. We logon every morning and afternoon to see what orders we are supposed to ship. The site prints out the invoice and the marketing flyer. We do the shipping and she pays us at the end of the month. This is a very low cost fulfillment solution.

We have been shipping for this customer for a couple of years. She would bring her product in ready to ship. About a year ago we offered to make it easier for her and let her drop off her product and then we would just bill her later. This way she did not need to wait while we created all the shipping labels. We then offered to email her customers with the tracking number. This is all very easy for us and actually makes our workflow more efficient as we do these mailings while we are slow. We have now taken the next step and brought the product in house so that we can do all of the fulfillment. The customer never needs to come into the store.

This customer has required will – call service from time to time. A customer of hers may not want to wait until the next day for product. It has not been hard to implement and we end up charging nothing for the service. This works for us because of the amount of shipping business we do get. Because of that we are happy to accommodate the one off situations.

We have a very large capacity to handle fulfillment. The margins on Ebay are generally so low and the cost of shipping using Ebay’s discount is so cost effective working with Ebay sellers is really never going to be an option. This is for those who sell all over the country directly to their customers.

We can handle small $4 shipping and very large multi-pallet shipments. Let us know how we can help.